Physical Therapy

Ellora will offer onsite physical therapy, recovery, and athlete testing services. Not only your best tool to address pain, injury, or rehab needs, physical therapy can also identify and proactively address any mobility, strength, and performance concerns. This can not only minimize injury risk, but also generate PR’s!!

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Assessment and treatment bookings will be available through Wodify. The initial assessment (approximately one hour) will include a thorough history and objective examination, initial treatment, as well as the specific treatment plan for follow up care. An initial assessment report for your physician is sent upon request. Ellora is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. She has full body certification in, and is an instructor for Active Release Technique. Her background in strength training is rooted in the philosophy of Strong First, where she completed her Kettlebell Instructor certification. Ellora is also fully certified in the entire Functional Movement System (FMS), as well as in the Graston Technique, Kinesiology Taping, and TRX. She employs a hands-on treatment approach utilizing a variety of manual therapy techniques, and finds the appropriate exercises to adequately challenge and strengthen her clients so that they reach their goals.

Ellora is also an instructor for the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), which is the medical component of the FMS. Her full depth of knowledge in this FMS system provides CFP and Prominent Athletes a unique opportunity to receive a full battery of athletic tests that are appropriate for a client's current level and goal status. This FMS athletic testing is used at the highest levels of most sports, and is fully integrated into the NFL/NBA/NHL combine testing. It is widely viewed as the gold standard in baseline testing for movement competency and capacity. By bringing this expertise to Prominent HQ, Ellora is well positioned to meet the needs of the CFP and Prominent Athlete members.

Ellora will be collaborating with the coaches of Prominent HQ to provide a comprehensive and unique approach to physical therapy treatment. She will be delegating one-on-one sessions in the gym with the coaches once the treatment plan is established. Once assessed by Ellora, clients will still have follow up reassessment and treatment with her, but will also be guided in booking a schedule of treatment/exercise sessions with one of the coaches to carry out the exercise treatment component (as directed by the physical therapist assessment findings)."

- Team Prominent