BeProminent Nutrition Program

Our nutritionists pride themselves on providing the most up-to-date evidenced-based nutrition guidelines to athletes in order to optimize performance. In a world of nutrition misinformation, our goal is to translate the science of nutrition into practical solutions.

Whether your goal is to optimize performance, lose weight, gain weight, or adopt a healthier lifestyle, we encourage you to join our nutrition program to meet these goals. We don’t support or prescribe fad diets, but encourage individuals to choose a healthy lifestyle focusing on quality of foods and balance of nutrients.

Offering service for $35 per month with an $80 set up fee.

Set up includes:

  • Use the Personalized Nutrition Guide from the Start-Up Program for long-term results!
  • Set bi-monthly goals with two (2) 15 minutes personal chats per month with your CFP coach.
  • Receive modification to your nutrition guide based on results.
  • Receive continued access to the exclusive Be Prominent Nutrition Group on Facebook for the lastest blogs, recipes, and motivation to get you to your desired results!

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