Recovery after Injury

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As we all know that injuries happen, and we also know that when we are recovering from injuries we tend to get very impatient.  We all have to understand that rushing back to exercise or sport or anything will only make things worse.  From my personal experience I used to get fixated on the weight on the bar.  Get frustrated because I could not lift as much as I did 1, 2 or even 3 years ago.  I didn’t realize I was the problem until a coach reminded me that the numbers don’t matter.  The numbers I am referring to are the weights on the bar.  No matter the weight the more important thing is do you feel stronger? Are you getting healthier? And can you do things now that you could not do before.  Sometimes a win is just being able to run again, or lift again period.  At the end of the day exercise is a journey and you will have good days and bad days but all of them create your personal journey.  Embrace the journey and don’t get caught up in the end results.